Pro Plumbers Columbus Tips for Blocked Drains

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Columbus Emergency PlumbersColumbus Emergency Plumbers Tips for Blocked Drains

Are you tired of calling emergency plumbing services every time you experience blocked drains or drainage problems?

Is draining your toilet draining your wallet. Today I I’d like to offer you some options that will help keep your need for emergency calls to Columbus 24 hour plumbers to a minumum.

There is no magic when it comes to addressing plumbing problems such as clogged drains orplugged toilets.

However, There are a few things that you may try before calling a plumber on a drain blockage situation.

1)Use a vacuum instead of a plunger.

A method that many have found effective in unclogging a drain or toilet is to use a vacuum instead of a plunger. Often times the blockage can be caused by simple obstructions, such as toys, hair, foreign objects, and the like. The plunger may actually push the cause of the blockage even deeper into the drain pipe with its pushing action. A vacuum that can suck up water, such as a shop vac,pulls the material up instead of pushing it down.

The main function of a plunger is send pressure down into the toilet and push things deeper than they originally may have been. But just like a household vacuum, it sucks hard objects ups saving you another trip from the plumber.

2)Have a bucket of water nearby.

When starting a plumbing project it is often helpful for you to have a bucket of water handy. This can be beneficial if you have to cut your water supply off in order to fix the problem you have encountered. Having a bucket of water on hand will allow you to test your fixtures without being at risk for overflow.

Adding foam between sinks

The use of foam can be an easy and inexpensive cure for vibration that can lead to plumbing problems such as pipe joint leakage. By simply and carefully cutting some foam and placing it between the areas of vibration is many times all that is needed.

Realy, it usually comes down to basic common sense aproaches that can save you the expense of an emergency plumber. Of course, always feel free to call Pro Plumbers Columbus if you have a question or a plumbing emrgency. We want to be of service to you for all of your plumbing needs.














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