Facts About Fresh Water Pipe

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Plumbing Services WestervilleA Few Important Facts About Fresh Water Pipe


Lay the fresh water piping

The plumbing in the House construction includes also lay the necessary fresh water pipes. This refers to the supply of both the hot and the cold water supply. The most common material is here drawn free copper pipe. Copper has the advantage that it can easily bend and thus the lines for the fresh water pipes can be scheduled more flexibly. Meanwhile, it is no longer necessary to solder copper pipes. They can be connected by means of so-called crimp fittings securely and tightly together without hard or soft soldering process. Water is calcareous. To use copper pipes for the water lines is therefore advantageous because these pipes from the inside are smooth and deposits offer little chance. Also, copper is a corrosion-resistant metal. Only the risk of corrosion is given, which can be caused by foreign particles in the water lines. The sanitary installation, care should be taken to so that a fine filter is used. This should already be available on the initial filling of the lines . Prior to entering the entire water circulation system in the House construction in operation, all laid pipes should be rinsed it thoroughly. To avoid energy loss through the plumbing, hot water pipes should be insulated adequately.

Those who want to lay fresh water pipes, can try this with plastic pipes, which are significantly more expensive than copper pipe.

Sewer pipes

Lay sewer pipes

Earlier, the sewers were typically made of clay or lead. Lead pipes are now forbidden for hygienic and health reasons. The use of PVC plastic pipes for the installation of sewage pipes has prevailed when building a House but for many years. However, they have the disadvantage that they are not adequately sound damped, and therefore also not laying in the living room or bedrooms suitable for. If due to the sanitary installation the laying of sewers cannot be avoided through one of these living areas, one can reduce the noise by a good insulation.

Internal activities only with the necessary experience

Prerequisite for the proper functioning of the sewerage system in the construction of the House is the choice of the right lines – pipe diameter, the slope of the line and the correct venting are crucial here. Here in the plumbing of the sewers incorrectly used, which inevitably leads to problems. At least the support of an expert appears here, if the client also think, to make this work even.


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