5 Ways To Insure Proper Sewer Cleaning Or Repair

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A clogged sewer or drain line can be a major headache, but so can falling victim to a scam. (Photo courtesy of Angie's List member Valerie M. of Cleveland Heights, Ohio)

A clogged or damaged sewer or drain line can become a major problem if not addressed properly and promptly. It is especially important when evaluating these type of plumbing problems and potential repairs to rely on a trusted and reputable professional plumbing service that will not over charge and will provide free quotes.

5 Important Considerations When Evaluating Your Sewer and Draine REpair Needs

1. Your professional plumbing technician should listen carefully to your description of the sewer or drain problem that you are experiencing. The follow up questions should be specific to the plumbing issues and plumbing history of that location.

2. Your plumbing technician will have many tools and years of experience to accurately evaluate the sewer or drain blockage or other plumbing problem. Reputable plumbing professionals will always take the time to explain the process of identifying the source of the problem and the costs that will be involved. Today there are more options now than ever before available to the plumber to quickly and accurately find the plumbing problem which can translate in to significant savings to you the customer.

3. . Video pipe inspection is a tool now available to plumbing professionals. Video inspections and jetting can be valuable tools for our industry saving time and expense and often preventing further damage to the pipes and plumbing system.

Video cameras can be useful in locating buried septic systems or inspecting the condition of buried pipes to determine proper maintenance schedules or the extent of necessary repairs. The plumbing technician will be able to show you the video of the pipe inspection and you will be able to see for yourself exactly what you are dealing with.

It can then be easily determined if the best option is high pressure sewer jets or simply the use of a professional electric snake that will resolve the pipe or sewer obstruction.

4. If there is significant damage to the pipe you many be given a choice between using liners or replacing the pipe.  Liners are a cloth tube covered on one side with a layer of PVC that is embedded with a two part epoxy resin and then usually blown into the existing pipe.

Liners can be a viable option at times but it is important to keep in mind that liners can also be quite costly and is never as good of a ong term solution as replacing the pipe. What makes liners attractive to many is that it can be accomplished without the mess of digging up the property to access the damaged pipe and save time in the process. It is important to consider both options carefully before making a final decision.

Also note that liners have been banned in some locations like New Yourk City, the reason being that they reduce the inside diameter of the existing pipe. Liners are also only usable if the pipe is still rounded since they form to the existing pipes shape, so if a pipe is crushed a liner will not be feasible. Last of all there have been reports of some liners failing and collapsing after a few years of service.

5. Most of all remember to ask lots of questions and check the background of the plumbing service provider that you choose. There are many reputable plumbing services out there available nation wide such as Pro Plumbers that are happy to provide documentation and reviews to you. Additionally, Pro Plumbers always provide free service calls and free quotes. In fact, when you call any local Pro Plumber location you can be connected to a Pro Plumber near you anywhere accross the United States.

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