How Plumbing (Not Vaccines) Eradicated Disease

An Important Plumbing History LessonA History of Plumbing Lesson That Can Impact Disease Problems Worldwide

By Joel Edwards

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Vaccines get all the glory, but most plumbers will tell you that it was water infrastructure – sewage systems and clean water – that eradicated disease. And they’re right.

The History of Plumbing

After the fall of the Roman Empire, Europeans despised all things Roman, including bathing. There was a widespread belief that getting wet caused illness. This contempt and fear of bathing persisted through the Dark Ages. Some Europeans defied local customs by bathing, but this was usually done over great protest. When Queen Elizabeth bathed, her servants panicked, fearing she would become ill and die.

Tips To Inspect Your Home Plumbing

8 Tips on How to Inspect Your Home Plumbing

Why Inspect Your Home Plumbing?


Plumbing problems can lead to many major issues whether you are currently a home owner or if you are considering the purchase of a home. Many of the plumbing problems that can result in enormous water bills, major structural damage or other costly repairs can easily be avoided and addressed with a proper DIY home plumbing inspection. A small leak could waste tens of thousands of gallons of water each year and result in much larger headaches. Use these tips to help make regular DIY plumbing inspections all around your house.


7 Tips on How to Find a Good Emergency Plumber

00-choosing-an-emergency-plumberThere are a few simple but important considerations when choosing an emergency plumber.


These insights on what to expect and knowing the right questions to ask can save you a lot of money and save you from more complicated plumbing problems down the road.

1. 01-selecting-an-emergency-plumberThe first step is to insure that the plumbing service has an up to date license and up to date insurance coverage. In the unlikely event there is a plumbing catastrophe during the repair process you want to have the assurance that everything is covered by the right policy. A good plumbing service will not hesitate in presenting to you this varification.

5 Ways To Insure Proper Sewer Cleaning Or Repair

A clogged sewer or drain line can be a major headache, but so can falling victim to a scam. (Photo courtesy of Angie's List member Valerie M. of Cleveland Heights, Ohio)

A clogged or damaged sewer or drain line can become a major problem if not addressed properly and promptly. It is especially important when evaluating these type of plumbing problems and potential repairs to rely on a trusted and reputable professional plumbing service that will not over charge and will provide free quotes.

5 Important Considerations When Evaluating Your Sewer and Draine REpair Needs

1. Your professional plumbing technician should listen carefully to your description of the sewer or drain problem that you are experiencing. The follow up questions should be specific to the plumbing issues and plumbing history of that location.

Plumbing Tips for a Merry Christmas

plumbing-advice-for-the-holidaysKeep Your Plumbing Happy Over The Holidays

Emergency plumbers always experience an increase in calls for clogged drains and plugged garbage disposals during the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays. With all of the family and friends coming together to enjoy good meals and good fellowship, there is also more work in store for your plumbing.

There are a few simple things you can do to minimize plumbing problems and the need to call an emergency plumber. We will offer a few suggestions to you here that will help you keep your plumbing working great.

How To Replace A Water Spicket

How To Fix or REplace Your Water Spicket


Corrosion sometimes makes it difficult to disassemble a spigot.

WWhat Can Cause Problems With Replacing A Water Spicket?



Outdoor water spigots typically go years without servicing until, eventually, water begins continually spraying from the handle or dripping from the spout, and you have no choice but to make repairs. The job is easier than you think it is, as long as the spigot isn’t too corroded to disassemble. Spigots have a basic compression valve that tightens a washer onto the valve seat when you turn the handle. Leaks happen when the washer or the packing around the handle wears out. To replace either of these worn components, you have to remove the packing nut.

How Much Thanksgiving Turkey Can Your Plumbing Eat?

Your Plumbing on Black FridayHow Can Thanksgiving Effect the Health of your Household Plumbing?


Thanksgiving is a great time to give thanks and enjoy the fellowship of friends and family. However, we may not take time to consider some of the challenges that this great holiday puts on our household plumbing.


While most Americans associate turkey, food and family with the Thanksgiving holiday, a large number of households will add “plumbing emergency” to that list. The Thanksgiving holiday weekend is, on average, the busiest weekend for plumbing-related emergencies, and it’s all rooted in our beloved national holiday.

How To Thaw Frozen Water Pipes

Frozen Water PipesHow To Thaw Frozen Water Pipes

When the outside temperatures drop below freezzing of course the risk of frozen water pipes incrreases. If you suspect that you may have frozen water pipes there are a few things you can easily do to help you determine if frozen pipes is the source of your water flow problem. There are also some simple prevention measures you can take that will significantly reduce the risk of future freezing problems. Most of these prevention methods are both effective and affordable.

Facts About Fresh Water Pipe

Plumbing Services WestervilleA Few Important Facts About Fresh Water Pipe


Do It Yourself Plumbing Tips

Pro Plumbers Columbus Tips for Blocked Drains

Columbus Emergency PlumbersColumbus Emergency Plumbers Tips for Blocked Drains

Are you tired of calling emergency plumbing services every time you experience blocked drains or drainage problems?

Is draining your toilet draining your wallet. Today I I’d like to offer you some options that will help keep your need for emergency calls to Columbus 24 hour plumbers to a minumum.

There is no magic when it comes to addressing plumbing problems such as clogged drains orplugged toilets.

However, There are a few things that you may try before calling a plumber on a drain blockage situation.

1)Use a vacuum instead of a plunger.

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